Let's form the Patriot Party!

Let's form the Patriot Party!

A group that 45 and 47 will one day lead. We are being censored all over the internet and we want...


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I don't know why President Trump has been invited and is going to CPAC. Not very Patriot Party-like.

Come on Trumpster!

Donald Trump has reportedly spoken to confidants and aides over the last several days about possibly forming his own political party, according to a Tuesday night report from the Wall Street Journal.

POLL: Should the Right embrace Conservatism or Populism to win future elections?
The outlet reports that the move comes on the heels of Trump feeling that Republicans abandoned him...
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Who and What is a Patriot?

Obviously, members of the Patriot Party® are called “Patriots.”

We advocate some policies regarded as “liberal” and others regarded as “conservative.” Consequently, we reject the familiar terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” as a description of who we are.

Note: “Progressives” are aligned with “Liberals.” “Traditionalists” are aligned with “Conservatives.” We are not like them either...
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4 of us are really patriotic! yay.

We're being silenced by the Democrats with the aid of the Rino's, the media, big tech, professional sports, Hollywood and The entire One World Order crowd and we are tired. We are the silent majority and with the help of a power greater than ourselves, we will prevail. Our way of life and the rest of the world depend on it.

@POTUS President Trump. Come to our platform. You'll never be silenced.